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Evangelical Catholic Church


On behalf of our community, I wish to welcome you to our website.

The Evangelical Catholic Church is part of the historic Autocephalous Catholic movement.  We are a validly consecrated catholic faith community which is deeply rooted in the historical catholic tradition and enabling us to continue celebrating the Catholic Sacraments. 

When our jurisdiction was consecrated in 1997, we chose to follow the spiritual examples of the first generation of Evangelists.  We have rededicated ourselves to witnessing the Catholic faith to all through our sacramental, spiritual and community lives - just as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did.  We believe that the theology of Social Justice and Peace, the Pauline model of One Bread, One Body along with the entire Gospel message can effect a deeper relationship between the Father and we, His children.

As you will learn from our website, the Evangelical Catholic Church has responded to the call of the Holy Spirit to build upon the foundations of the Second Vatican Council and to be spirituality and pastorally responsive to the needs of the People of God in this period of our on-going journey in faith.

In addition to being called to follow the examples of the Evangelists, the Evangelical Catholic Church has also been deeply influenced by the life and vocation of Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa  Once you have read his story, you will understand why Bishop Costa is an exemplar for our Church.

I sincerely hope that our site will provide any and all information you may wish to learn about us.  If you have any difficulties in finding the information you desire, please email us with your questions and we will be happy to have the opportunity to answer it.


Respectfully Yours in Christ,

Presiding Bishop for the Evangelical Catholic Church


To learn more about vocational options within the Evangelical Catholic Church, please visit our Vocations Web Page.



Saint John the Evangelist Seminary

The Evangelical Catholic Church has assumed pastoral stewardship of Saint John the Evangelist Seminary.  In assuming this program the Evangelical Catholic Church is furthering our commitment to the importance of the Academic Formation of our priests.

To learn about Saint John the Evangelist Seminary, please visit us at www.sjtes.com

And please to continue praying for an increase in vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life.


Evangelical Catholic Church
Benedictine Community
God the Father

The Evangelical Catholic Church welcomes the Benedictine Community of God the Father into our Catholic family.  We invite you to learn more about this new Religious Community at Benedictine Community of God the Father




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